Based on Knauf's requirements and the high standards that Ecoglobal BTD has successfully adopted in the production and quality control process, "Ecostarch K" has received the highest quality ratings. Knauf has recognized Ecoglobal BTD as one of its top suppliers in the first half of 2021.

In response to Knauf's specific requirements, we designed the product "Ecostarch K," which underwent all the necessary laboratory and production testing at Knauf's facilities in November 2020.

To the mutual satisfaction of both parties, a long-term contract for mass production of "Ecostarch K" was signed, and starting from January 2021, mass production and delivery of "Ecostarch K" began to over 15 Knauf factories across multiple continents.

Eco starch Projekat

Eco Starch K for gypsum boards is a highly applicable technological solution in the construction industry, aiming to replace the conventional method of manufacturing gypsum boards in an environmentally friendly manner. The current standard production of gypsum boards, widely used as a primary material in residential and commercial buildings, contains chemical additives that can be harmful to human health and the environment. The goal of this innovative solution is to minimize the risk of adverse effects from construction materials and provide a healthy living environment for people.

Eco Starch K is the first adopted product in our production process. It possesses the following characteristics:
a) It acts as an adhesive to unite and bond the gypsum mass together,
b) As a highly hygroscopic material, it absorbs excess water and moisture from the gypsum mass,
c) It forms a thin water film between the gypsum mass and paper, facilitating the bonding process during the drying of gypsum plasterboard by water evaporation.

As part of the Eco Starch project, our company has developed and modified various starches that serve as technical solutions in different industries. These products find application in the paper and cardboard industry, briquette production, petroleum industry, and more. Our aim in developing and enhancing our production is to meet all the technical and technological needs of our clients in these mentioned fields.

"For the product 'Eco Starch K,' Ecoglobal BTD received the award for environmental innovation in 2020 from the World Bank and the Innovation Fund of the Republic of Serbia, competing among more than 600 projects."