About Us


EcoglobalBTD DOO

Ecoglobal is a family-owned company founded in 2020 with a desire to combine experience and new positive energy in the global market. The focus of its business is directed towards discovering and implementing modern technological methods in the production of a diverse range of modified starch types, as well as improving the distribution and logistics supply chain for raw materials intended for food production.

Manufacturing Process


Ecoglobal BTD was formed in response to the needs of the Western Balkan market for a change in business concepts, adapting and aligning them with global standards in this type of global business.

Ecoglobal BTD represents the perfect combination of experience, new energy, and professionalism in B2B relationships. Our business contacts, approach to operations and communication, as well as our commitment to partner satisfaction, enable us to fulfill even the most demanding tasks that lie ahead.

For Ecoglobal BTD, the word "impossible" does not exist.

Ecoglobal Ogranak


Ecoglobal BTD has a vision to become an irreplaceable and recognizable participant in major production, investment, and development projects in its field of operation and interest in the shortest possible time. Our partners are the largest, best, and highest quality.

We have adopted high standards of business and maintain a professional approach to every client.