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ISO 14040-2006
ISO 14044-2006

Avgust 2023

ISO Standards

Ecoglobal BTD is proud to announce that it has implemented two more ISO standards into its business system:

ISO 14040 i 14044.

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april 2023

Signing the contract with the Faculty of Technology

In order to improve and develop its business, Ecoglobal BTD has signed an Agreement on Business Cooperation with the Faculty of Technology.

The meeting was attended by prof. Dr. Biljana Pajin, dean of the Faculty and prof. Dr. Ljubica Dokić, in front of Ecoglobal BTD, Rade Pavlović, production manager, Lara Miljević, technologist, Marija Jeftić, technologist and Slobodan Dimitrić, commercial sector.

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 45001

April 2022

ISO Standards

Ecoglobal BTD is proud to announce that it has implemented three ISO standards into its business system:

ISO 9001, ISO 14001 i ISO 45001.

ISO Standardization

Avgust 2021

ISO Standardization

Ecoglobal BTD successfully completes the standardization process for ISO quality. By mid-September, we expect to obtain ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 certifications.

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Avgust 2021

Ecostarch K

For the product "Ecostarch K" Ecoglobal BTD received the Environmental Innovation Award in 2020 from the World Bank and the Innovation Activity Fund of the Republic of Serbia, competing against more than 600 projects.

Based on specific requirements from Knauf, we designed the product "Ecostarch K" which underwent all the required laboratory and production testing at Knauf in November 2020. Currently, it is being delivered to over 15 Knauf factories across multiple continents.

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Avgust 2021


In addition to the headquarters in Novi Sad (Ćirpanova 7/33), Ecoglobal BTD has also opened offices in Zrenjanin, Pancevačka 36, together with the plant.

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Jul 2020


Ecoglobal BTD has reached agreements for collaboration with several global multinational companies in the food and packaging industry, including ADM, Balkan Agriculture, MMP, and others.

Further details will be provided after the signing of the contracts.


Jul 2020

European Union

Due to the expansion of operations within the EU zone, Ecoglobal BTD has opened a company in the European Union.

Ecoglobal BTD LTD Sofia Bulgaria;Simeonovsko Sose 85 Z/7;

Company Number 206126463,TIN BG206126463.